Luggage and Hand Luggage

Luggage and Hand Luggage

The maximum allowed weight is mentioned on the inside of your air ticket.

  • The size of hand luggage (or cabin baggage) is usually limited to a maximum size
    of 55 x 40 x 20 cm + max 10 kilo. In addition you are usually allowed to take a handbag*.   
  • For checked-in luggage, the maximum weight is usually between 15 and 32 kg (per person).

* NOT for all carriers, low cost carriers such as EasyJet are an exception. Sometimes only 1 bag is allowed!
Always check the airline rules before packing.


There are specific safety rules for hand luggage. Please check them before you leave on your trip. 
Take all your valuable items like your camera, electronics, jewellery, important documents and medicines in your hand luggage. Airlines cannot be held responsible for these items.


You should always check size limits for luggage with your airline and airport before you travel.
Airlines may also have their own rules about the number of bags you are allowed to take on the aircraft. Be aware of extra costs for luggage. More and more, airlines charge separate costs for luggage. If you exceed the maximum weight, extra costs apply. Please check the restrictions of your airline here: